5 Easy Ways To Maintain A Positive Mindset

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Here’s something that surprises me; a few times recently I’ve had readers reach out and ask me to cover the topic of positivity, ways to be more positive, how I stay positive etc…

Although I do consider myself to be quite a positive person in general, I’m not your hashtag blessed type when it comes to what I share or, the type to relentlessly recount how joyous & wonderful & full of butterflies & candy floss my life on the daily so, I was surprised that I was seen by few as the guru for all things sweetness & light.

I mean, I have a veeeery small amount of tolerance for what I deem to be annoying which is honestly about 95% of things including just the human race as a whole (as well as sneezing, excessive use of perfume… people talking even one decibel louder than necessary… I could go on) but I can rationalise how intolerant I am and usually get over these minor issues very quickly meaning that day-to-day I go about being pretty damn positive.


So, here’s 5 suggestions of things to do, things which I do & believe attribute to my general positivity;


-Work Out At The Start Of Your Day-

Likely not the first thing you want to read but tough.

Exercise has been proven to be more effective on the mood than anti-depressants and, we all know that endorphin kick is something to behold. If I start my day with a good workout I feel like I can take over the world… or at least face the day’s tasks with confidence!

-When You’re Angry, Say It-

I have no problem with confrontation if it has to be done & have no problem letting someone know if they’ve upset me. The trick is to communicate with respect even if you feel they’ve disrespected you because, people don’t respond to aggression with an open mind.

As much as the ideal in life is to be happy 24/7 that’s not the bloody reality so if someone has annoyed you approach it as soon as you can be  calm & respectful… and communicate!! Nine times out of ten the person will appreciate you being open with your feelings & you’ll find closure a lot quicker than you would if you just seethe over it for days by yourself.

-Set Your Intentions Each Day & Practice Gratitude-

This may seem a bit ‘airy fairy‘ to some but, if you’re reading this post you’re looking for something & I’m telling you now that intentions & gratitude help. A lot. I set my intentions in my head first thing when I wake up… of course some mornings it simply doesn’t happen but, when it does it creates a lovely calm moment at the start of my day.

Gratitude is something that almost all of us can do better with. By the simple fact that you’re able to read this you have one thing to be grateful for. I have a gratitude rock at my dresser & whenever I see it I’m reminded to think of just one thing I’m grateful for in the moment… I can always think of so many when the reminder is there which leaves me feeling a little bit more positive in that moment of my day.

-Don’t Be A ‘Tomorrow Person’-

Being the type of person to always put things off until ‘tomorrow’ is a bad idea for many reasons but the one I’ll focus on now is because it leaves you feeling overwhelmed when all the work you had to do over a 3 day period is suddenly now needing to be accomplished in one day. Use Your Time!!!

If something can be ticked off the list right now do it right.now. Yes you’ll be busier day-to-day but you’ll feel more in control, less stressed and you’ll do each job a bit better. Leaving everything until the last-minute just means a pile of stress & sloppy work so stop putting those odd jobs/phone calls/tax returns off & just get.them.done!

I promise you’ll feel a sense of achievement each day from this.

-Make Time For What You Love-

Here’s a tip; next time you go to say you ‘don’t have the time’ for something replace the phrase with ‘it’s not a priority‘ as it really is that simple. We have a set amount of hours in each day & choose how we spend at least some of them.

Who’s that friend/that sibling who always has you in stitches? Meet them.

Where is that little cafe that serves your coffee just the way you like it? Take yourself on a date there.

Remember that gym class that made you feel invincible? Get up an hour earlier & go to it!

We find time for what we want so. if something makes you feel good, make it a priority.

So there you have it guys, the little things I do almost every day that I equate to my lack of a murder conviction. None of us are perfect and, I don’t think we need to strive to the urge to add #blessed to our every move but, your day will absolutely be better enjoyed with a little extra positivity so, now you know where I get mine xx

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  • Alex says:

    ‘next time you go to say you ‘don’t have the time’ for something replace the phrase with ‘it’s not a priority‘ as it really is that simple’ – This is so true!! Definitely am guilty of that, at the end of the day if we wanted to do something we would make the effort! Really nice post and real tips! Thank you

  • Bernie Moloney says:

    Love your posts Sarah getting no work done today just going through icomeundone

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