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Fewer things would get me back to doing a personal style post quicker than the opportunity to collaborate with Marks & Spencer so, here I am!

Yes, its been an age since I’ve done a straight up personal style post which is mainly because, once a look was shared with you guys on my Instagram I just didn’t feel that making a blog post around 10 more images of me in the same outfit was adding much value so, I began to focus on diversifying my content which has been brilliant received by you guys (thank you for your continuing support!)

I know these kind of posts work fantastically for other bloggers but I’ve never felt natural in front of the camera so, keeping the #ootd post as an Insta thing while focusing on other content on the blog made the most sense for me.

Marks and Spencer

I really wanted to take the opportunity to invest in some staple A/W pieces as my wardrobe is now down to the bare minimum (just the way I like it!) thanks to my Depop. I knew I wanted an oversized knit & a neutral cross body bag so I built the look from there.

I knew this knit was ‘the one’ as soon as I tried it on, it fits like a dream, is supersoft and, at €40 is an absolute bargain for the quality look and feel. (Note: I bought it in a size 20 to get my classic oversized fit)

This cross body bag was next on my hit-list with the simple monochrome coloring calling out to my practical side while the ring detail added just the right amount of bling. Its the perfect size to fit your essentials without being bulky & I already know you guys are going to be seeing a lot more of it over the next few months!


Marks and Spencer 4

Next was a bit of a ‘wild card’ for me with a midi skirt but I absolutely had to have it as soon as I tried it on… the military detailing stops it being too feminine for my taste and the fit is incredibly flattering. I love adding pieces to my wardrobe when I have nothing similar and, that was without doubt the case with this gem- I already have a million ideas on how to style it!

Lastly the tuxedo style jacket and leopard print brogues (pictured below). The jacket was  a no-brainer with it’s longline fit and leather-look detailing on the collar… the perfect piece to add to almost any outfit pulling it together without looking too fussy.

Then, a black brogue with a touch of leopard print? (Photo at the end of post) They had me at hello! Practical with a touch of fun AND they are literally the most comfortable shoes I think I’ve ever worn! Win win!


Marks and Spencer 3

I realised that my last personal style post was before April when I left nursing & began to focus on the blog full time so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let you guys know how I’m getting on 🙂

As I’ve discussed on Snapchat (username: icomeundone), I left my role as a detox nurse with the homeless community as a direct reaction to problems within that role and not because of my blog but 2 things happened at the same time which has lead me to be still freelancing through the blog over 6 months later;

-I started getting work, photography, written and collab work through the blog around the time I was leaving my nursing role. I’ve done a range of  one-off work over the last 6 months as well as regular work which I do every week for other clients.

– I started to take the opportunities I was getting more seriously & was less inclined to do unpaid work now that I didn’t have a regular income to fall back on.

Perhaps not so ironically, once I had the time to focus on the blog and network at events I saw my opportunities grow at a rate I hadn’t experienced up to that point, solidifying the idea that success really does breed success.


Marks and Spencer 2

I frequently get asked if I’ll ‘ever go back to nursing’ which felt strange initially considering that I could never imaged working through the blog, let alone it being my full time job!

I started my blog on the tail end of 2 years backpacking when I had no idea the about the work that could be gotten through it and, would most likely still be nursing if issues hadn’t arisen in my last role so, the idea of not going back to my profession does still seems bizarre to me.

Having said that, I’m absolutely loving the creative aspect that comes with working in the blogging industry, nursing isn’t exactly a role to get creative in so, being in role now where creativity is not just allowed but, essential is really enjoyable to me.

Marks and Spencer 1


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys whether you’ve followed me from day one or stumbled upon this site just today. Your endless support through all of my social channels does not go unappreciated and I hope you guys continue to enjoy this little journey whether it be past the stars and to the moon or, past the new year & back to nursing! xx

Leopard Print Shoes

Leather Ring Cross Body Bag

Trim Tux Jacket

Grey Knit Jumper

Green Zip Midi Skirt

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links but all of the clothing choices & text was done without influence & created by your’s truly.

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