How to Style Shorts in a Formal Look

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How to Style Shorts in a Formal Look

One thing I’ve been wearing less of recently is print and, one thing I’ve been doing less of is scouring the charity shops so, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon these shorts on a rare day of charity shopping a few weeks back.

If you find yourself shying away from prints but want to give some of your wardrobe’s pieces a re-vamp why not pair them with structured or masculine pieces?; Prints like this are generally seen as quite feminine so, by adding this buttoned H&M shirt I was able to create a contrast & keep the overall look from being too ‘girlie’.I find print against a darker base to be less ‘in your face’ than more common patterns I’ve been seeing lately and, the cut makes the shorts look slightly more tailored than a casual summer short which made them perfect for the OPSH event that I attended last week.

My passion for charity shopping over the years had very little to do with pricing (although, who can argue with paying €2 for these shorts!?) and far more to do with the huge variety you can potentially uncover all under one roof.
Aside from just the variety, the pricing makes you far more likely to take a risk as, even if you don’t wear the pieces you picked up, they didn’t break the bank AND the money went to a good cause.

Here’s a map of the best Dublin charity shopping route I did a while back… if you have a day to spare do this and you will.not. be disappointed.Make sure to let me know how you got on!! xx

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