My Great Lengths Hair Extensions Experience

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I’ve been getting Great Lengths hair extensions for a few years now but have never put virtual pen to paper (so to speak) to share how my experience has been and, how the brand has served me thus-far.

As a young college student I discovered clip-in hair extensions and rejoiced at the endless possibilities (and thickness) they brought in to my life. I was, at the time, a bleach aficionado which, while leaving me very blonde, also left me with about 4 strands of hair so clip-ins seemed like the perfect solution. Fast forward a couple of years backpacking, bleach and extensions long since forgotten and my hair, while wildly different in quality from where it was in my bleach loving days, was still quite fine and flyaway so, when Great Lengths offered me hair extensions I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

I had two reservations about getting hair extensions:


That they’d damage my hair and, that they’d be hard to care for.

I was pleasantly surprised to find caring for them super-easy as, it seems that washing and drying any hair extensions is where the problem can begin for people; hair extensions don’t produce their own oil so it can be difficult to de-tangle without damaging them but, as I only wash my hair once a week I find that the overall quality of the extensions is maintained for me even after 8 months of having them applied.

The best brushes I’ve found for my Great Lengths is the Acca Kappa brush on dry extensions and, the Wet Brush to de-tangle. If you want to keep your Great Lengths in excellent condition I also recommend that you use their range of products and, brushing your hair with the Acca Kappa brush before bed every night, securing your hair in a bun with crocodile clips to avoid knotting or pulling at the extensions overnight, this is a life saver!


That they’d damage my hair.

I was worried that, upon getting the Great Lengths out that my hair would be weak/thin/damaged from the bonds etc. I promised myself that should that be the case, I wouldn’t get a fresh set of extensions re-applied but thankfully that wasn’t the case, here you can see my hair straight after my first set of Great Lengths removed-

I’ve been so happy with my hair since I started getting Great Lengths extensions, they’ve added great volume to my hair and allow my hair to hold a curl much better than it would otherwise. I get my Great Lengths applied by Emma Leung in Kelly Leung Hair Design in Malahide and I’ve never been so happy with how my hair looks, she’s a hairdresser I trust 100%, shes phenomenal at doing balayage which is the way I prefer to colour my hair as I couldn’t be dealing with regular root touchups!

My hair before and after my most recent Great Lengths application-


I get 5 packs of Great Lengths but not the full 5 packs, Emma uses 5 packs to get lots of different tones in to my hair. I get 8-9 months out of a set of Great Lengths. Some do naturally fall out over time but I’m still left with a significant amount after the full 9 months. Aside from the brushes mentioned above and occasionally using the Great Lengths products I don’t do anything special with my hair in comparison to before I had extensions (I always twisted it into a bun at night as I really dislike the sensation of sleeping with my hair down). I find the extensions blend beautifully into my own hair and, Emma keeps in mind that I like to tie my hair up when shes applying them to ensure they bonds are less visible when my hair is up.

I hope you found this post helpful x

*disclaimer: Great Lengths provide my hair extensions complimentary, they had no input in the wording of this post

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