Spending Diary Week 3- What Did I Spend?

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This week’s spending was pretty standard aside from the payments needed to get my car fixed and, the money I spend charity shopping on Thursday… while it’s not unusual for me to pick things up in charity shops, the amount I spent in them on that particular day most certainly is. All in the name of good content I suppose!

I made some extra money from Depop which will help cover me for the additional bill this month. Glad to be able to do that although, it can be hard to part with things.

Spending Diary Week 3- What Did I Spend?


7.45am Up, do an hour of admin then bring Stanley for a walk, stopping in the post office to ship yesterday’s Depop sales (€41.60). I made €251.37 from Depop last night which will help keep me on budget this month… especially with extra bills and my car needing work for the NCT

10am Spinning class

10.45am Home, shower, wash hair, put tan on (I like to put tan on when I’m working from home for the day so I can wash it off before bed and not have it ruin my sheets)

12pm First meal of the day; a wrap with vegi sausages, raw spinach, spring onion, grated cheese, my mom’s homemade beetroot chutney and some mustard (yum!) with two boiled eggs

12.30pm spend an hour promoting old posts then get started on next week’s events post (snack on an orange and two Dutch cakes with cream cheese at some stage)

8pm Have dinner of leftover quorn chicken curry from last night with baked potatoes

8.30pm Return to working on the events post

10pm Plan my outfits for the week ahead

11pm Read for 30 minutes then bed

Total: €41.60


6.30am Up, admin, get ready for the day, have breakfast of porridge, oat milk, nuts, banana and honey

8.30am Cycle In to town, go to the Penneys press day where I have 2 canapés: one salmon and cream cheese, one Nutella and raspberry

10.15am Cycle to the garage to collect my car (split with Sean, my half is €125), put the bike in the car and drive to a meeting

11am Meeting

12.15pm Drive into town, get dry shampoo (€8.49) and go back in to Penneys to have a look at the floor collection, get a few bits with a voucher and pay an additional €9.50 towards

1.30pm Get my nails done in Camellia which they kindly do complementary as they’ve seen a decent footfall since I first started going here and promoting it as the most inexpensive place to get your nails done in the city. I leave €5 tip

3pm Head home and have a late lunch of a frozen vegan meal thing then get Sean to help me with an outfit pic and start my Chatty Tuesdays where I’m answering agony amount style questions

5.30pm Run out the door eating a banana and two Lily O’Brien’s chocolates, catch the bus into town (€2.25)

6.15pm Start queuing for The Story Slam (I already have a ticket) to get a table as you can’t book one and I’m going with a group of 7, eat a vegi burrito bowl from Boujum in the queue (€8)

7.15pm Get in and split a bottle of wine with Cathal (€14), buy Sean a pint (€6)

10.30pm The Story Slam finishes and we head to Peruke & Periwig for a nightcap (Sean leaves early and needs change for the bus which I don’t have so I just give him €5), I buy a round (€36) then attempt and fail to grab the last bus home (I keep missing it as, the actual official ‘last bus’ on the app only goes to O’Connell st which is no use to me), the guys want to go to Mc Donalds so I get a fillet o’fish (€4.20)

12am Grab a taxi (€10.40)

Total: €233.84


8am Up, Coffee, admin

10am Spinning class

10.45am Home, shower, have breakfast of porridge with oat milk, apple, cinnamon and honey

12pm Bring Stanley for his walk

1.30pm Eat a piece of chocolate and two Dutch breads with cream cheese, drive to to a food shop (€40), make the unusual decision of getting a doughnut in the food shop to eat straight away but I only eat half as it was shite. Book my car in to resit the NCT (€28)

3pm Home, finish and publish my spending diary, spend time promote this week’s posts, eat 3 popadoms with mango chutney

6pm Dinner of prawn and mushroom pasta in a tomato sauce

7.45pm Spend 2 hrs getting back to people on Instagram, eat an orange

10pm Read and then bed at 11.30pm

Total: €68


6.30am Up, coffee

7.20am Yoga class

8am Home, breakfast of two boiled eggs, smoked mackerel and brown bread, shower and get ready for the day

10am Drive to Dun Laoghaire for a day of charity shopping, probably my most successful day of charity shopping ever! (€105)… I really want to make my month of styling only charity-shopped outfits amazing so now I’ll have lots of fab new bits to style throughout that month. I’m putting all my new stuff aside for that month which is tough but will make it extra-exciting for me, I cant really afford to spend this much on clothes but I’m seeing it as an investment for what’ll hopefully be great content

We have a delicious lunch in Soup as recommended by you guys, I get a Korean salad bowl with added halloumi and a habanero honey kombucha (€16.50) and I buy some serving bowls in Sostrene Green (€20.15)

3.30pm Drive home, Walk Stanley, do 2 hrs of admin

7pm Dinner of a salmon rice bowl made my Sean, also have two glasses of red wine and a cookie

8pm Watch Source Code (on a recommendation from one of you guys)

11pm Bed

Total: €141.65


6.45am Up, coffee, admin

7.30am Gym

8am Home, breakfast of boiled eggs, brown bread and vegi sausages

8.45am Cycle to The Mater to get test results, find out that I have a precancerous condition called MGUS, get a takeaway coffees (€7.80) in Two Boys Brew and walk around Phibsborough with it while I wait to get my bloods done at 12.30

1.30pm Cycle home, have a quorn chicken fillet roll, take Stanley for his walk

3.30pm Spend the rest of the day getting back to lovely people about my health results

9pm Watch some YouTube, have dinner of fish and chips with a fried egg, nibble on some chocolate and popadoms with mango chutney

12pm Bed

Total: €7.80


8.30am Up, coffee, spend an hour getting back to people on insta

10.30am Breakfast of two mandarins and porridge with oat milk, banana, honey and nuts

11am Get ready for the day

12.30pm Spend an hour getting back to people on insta then leave to do a talk on social media (and, how to use it to get your personality across) at a blogger bootcamp

2.15pm Drive to Blackrock with Sean and Stanley, have coffee and treats (we share a cruffin and two mini doughnuts) in Bear Market (€12) before wandering The Blackrock Market and going for a walk

5pm Drive home, picking up food for Stanley on the way (€11)

6pm Have prawn ramen for diner and two chocolates. I’m supposed to meet friends tonight but can’t ultimately decide I’m just not in the mood to be out tonight so cancel (very rare for me) and drive to the shop for wine and crisps instead (€17)

8.30pm Watch State Of Play

11.30pm Cathal comes in from work and we drink some sherry

1.30am Go to bed

Total: €40


8am Up, shower, get ready for the day

10am Spend an hour getting back to people on insta then start recording for today’s A Day In Dublin vlog

11.30am Get the bus into town (€2.25) eating an apple and banana on the way

12.30pm Arrive to IMMA to spend the day with my friend Sarah, get a coffee (€3.50)

2pm Have lunch in Beast Eatery, get a vegan chicken burger and a Diet Coke, share fries (€15)

3.30pm Head to The National Museum for a wander then have two pints in Dice Bar (€10.90)

6pm Get the bus home (€2.25)

8pm Cathal makes a beautiful tofu satay dinner, have a magnum for dessert, watch Lion

1am Bed

Total: €44.40

Week total: 577.29

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