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My top picks of events happening in Dublin this week:


Event– Music for Lunch

Location- Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Description- The popular Music for Lunch recital series takes place daily in the intimate surroundings of the recently refurbished Lady Chapel. As always, we’ve a wonderful line of musicians and music to see you right through lunch, sadly food not included!

Cost- Free

Time- 13.00-14.00

Event– Beginners Yoga Course – Mondays with Sophia Pallaro

Location- The Elbowroom, 32 Brunswick Street

Description- This beginners yoga course is perfect for those completely new to yoga or haven’t been in a while and would like to refresh. Learn the basic postures, breath work and develop a great yoga foundation.

Yoga is one of the original concepts which today would be labelled as holistic. That means that the body is related to the breath; both are related to the brain; in turn this links with the mind, which is a part of consciousness.

Hatha yoga is the physical aspect of the practice of yoga. Hatha yoga emphasises asanas ( the practice of postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and dhyana (meditation). It aims to balance different energy flows within the human body.The postures range from the basic to the complex, from the easily accomplished to the very challenging. While the movements tend to be slow and controlled, they provide an invigorating workout for the mind and body, including the internal organs.

Cost- This 4-week course is €59

Time- 13.00


Children’s Event– Dinosaur Camp Week at Imaginosity

Location- Imaginosity, Beacon South Quater, Sandyford

Description- We are getting set for a roaringly good time for Dinosaur Summer Camp which will run from 20th-24th August.

For all camps there are weekly, and day rates available and additional discounts for members/sibling bookings. Advance booking is STRONGLY recommended as places on each camp have limited availability. Bookings can be made now by calling 01-2176130 or emailing

Cost- €25 per day or €100 for the week

Time- Children aged 4-6 years 09.00-13.0. Children aged 7-9 years 09.00-14.30


Event– Eat For Energy – Food Demo With Dietitian

Location- Ski Centre Dublin, 26 Rowan Avenue, Stillorgan

Description- Are you struggling to eat healthily and incorporate enough fruit and vegetables into your daily diet? Are your energy levels at an all-time low? Life can be hectic, leaving us with very little time to prepare nutritious meals. We often rely on pre-packaged, processed meals to keep us going. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on your overall health, as well as your energy levels, because these meals don’t provide the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Learning how to put together simple and nutritious meals is the key to success when it comes to feeling healthier and more energetic, whilst benefiting your waist line. Often just seeing how simple it is to prepare delicious meals can change your entire thinking around eating. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare healthy meals – join us to learn how.

This food demo is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to make quick and healthy meals that will optimise their energy levels, and nutritious cooking tips from our registered Dietitians.

Cost- €19

Time- 19.00-20.00

Event– I Partied With The Pope 2018 holy trad session

Location- Mary’s Bar & Hardwear, Wicklow Street

Description- Here at Mary’s Bar & Hardware we admit we love a wee bit of a pray, a wee bit of a confession and we just LOVE a good mass. Sure look it, who doesn’t these days? And before you all start giving out about how long it has been since you last stepped foot into a church, think about the 500,000 people about to descend on Phoenix Park on August 26th. Now they KNOW a good mass and we’re planning on joining them!

We’re absolutely thrilled that Pope Francis himself is coming to our fair isle, so much so, we’re throwing out ALL the stops with a week packed full of very holy experiences.

We’re starting on Monday August 20th with a fine dose of confession. Drop by our bar and anonymously give up yer aul sins on our Give Up Your Old Sins wall of shame. This famous board of shame will be kept on display all week and you can have a good gawk at the sins of many heathens that have graced our bar and if you’re brave enough feel free to add your very own.

Once you’ve said your penance (at least two hail Mary’s because you’re on my turf after all), get ready to compete in our Father Ted Table Quiz on Wednesday, August 22nd. All you need to take part is yourself, three smart friends and a tenner each, with all proceeds gathered from the table quiz going to our charity partner Aware. Sign up in advance at Kick off 7pm. Not only will there be a quiz, there will be a raffle with divinely inspired prizes. Think premium holy water, a sinful night away in one of Dublin’s “cool” hotels and maybe a loaf of holy bread or two thrown in there for good measure.

As the week goes on, we plan on getting wilder, with trad sessions on Tuesday the 21st and Thursday the 23rd of August. On Friday, August 24th, join us at the Pope-a-cabana where some, not all drinks will actually be free. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ll bless the first people through the door with a Sin & Tonic and a “I Partied With The Pope” badge and a few other surprises. We’ll be blasting out the best holy hits to get you in the mood for our big event on Sunday. Just imagine Living on a Prayer, Like a Prayer, I Say a Little Prayer and of course Mary’s Prayer, blasting beautifully while you sip on our tropical waters. It’ll be spiritual to say the least.

Now we did say WE LOVE a good mass and when the man himself is in town, well then, it’s got to be respected. We’re going to be screening Pope Francis LIVE from the Phoenix Park in our bar on August 26th at 3pm sharp. As per usual, we’ll have the post mass pints flowing with a special guest serving them up behind the bar. His name might just be Frank (wink wink) and while Frank keeps himself busy, we’ll be giving out some vouchers for those fancy Wowburgers to those of you with the most outrageous sins that have yet to be given up.

Let’s just do a quick re-cap so our barman Graham can have the place gleaming in anticipation.

Seven nights of uninterrupted holiness at Mary’s Bar & Hardware August 20th -26th.

Monday – Give Up Your Old Sins Board of Shame
Tuesday – Some Holy Trad
Wednesday – A Very Brilliant Father Ted Table Quiz
Thursday – Even more Holy Trad
Friday – Pope-a-cabana
Saturday – Pre-mass pints
Sunday – Pope Francis LIVE from Phoenix Park

Cost- Free to attend

Time- 19.30-23.00


Children’s Event– Kids Drop-by Activities

Location- National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

Description- Times: 11.00am, 11.30am, 3.00pm, 3.30pm. No Bookings. First Come, First Served. Free entry.
Kids, Join us for fun activities in the dedicated Children’s Garden! Each week is a different 20 minute activity. Sow seeds, make seed bombs, design bug hotels or re-use everyday items to create your own piece of eco art.
All children must bring their own grown-up.
This event is for Families, if you have a Group please call 01 857 0909 to discuss booking.

Cost- Free

Time- 11.00-12.00


Event– Ambrosia’s Bazaar

Location- Lucy’s Lounge, 11 Fownes Street, Temple Bar

Description- Ambrosia’s Bazaar is a place where all of the lost, forgotten, or unfinished things of the world end up. Ambrosia has always been here, and will always be here. She is the proprietor of Ambrosia’s Bazaar and a collector of odds, ends, doo-dahs, memories, forgetting, unfinished thoughts, unfinished books, sentences never said, and every hair clip you ever lost.

But this play is about Tom. Tom is on his way home to his mother. His mother is sick. Very sick. She is starting to forget him. He is lost. This is not a metaphor.

The play runs at an hour long with no interval.

Cost- €12

Time- 19.30

Event– Relieve Stress With Herbs

Location- Griffith College, South Circular Road, Dublin 8

Description- Speaker: Rita Tarvydaite, Herbalist and Naturopath


How herbal remedies can help you to relieve everyday stress, anxiety and insomnia

The negative effect stress has on your body and what you can do about it

Natural herbal remedies for stress relief you can make at home

How to naturally restore balance and achieve optimal wellbeing

Cost- €5

Time- 16.30-18.30


Children’s Event– Budding Botanists

Location- The National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

Description- Children’s workshop. Ever wanted to start your very own dried plant collection? Get great tips and discover how you can become a plant collector! Join our guides on an expedition through the Botanic Gardens, identifying and collecting suitable plants for pressing before constructing your very own flower press. If you like, you can also create some beautiful botanical designs with our pre-dried plants. BOOKING ESSENTIAL.

Cost- Free

Time- 11.00-12.00


Event– Whiskey & Cheese Tasting Series

Location- Drop Dead Twice, Francis Street

Description- Join us for this Whiskey & Cheese Tasting session in the heart of Dublin’s Liberties. Two of life’s greatest pleasures – if you haven’t sampled these delights together before we need to fix that…STAT!

Your foray in to firewater and fromage will be led by the one and only Peadar MacEiteagain who will guide you through 6 whiskeys from around the world and pair them with a selection of the crumbly, the creamy and yes…the smelly!

Cost- €40

Time- 19.00-21.00

Event– Positive Nights Presents: Everyday Self-Care With Alison Canavan

Location- Bewley’s Café Theatre, Bewley’s Cafe, Grafton Street

Description- The acclaimed health and wellness coach Alison Canavan will be joining us in the Bewley’s Café Theatre to offer her insight on how we can tend to the needs of our mind, body and spirit in a hectic world. Doors open at 7.00 p.m. If you are a regular reader of our print magazine, you may recognise her as the author of our Positively Metaphysical column: offering her sage advice, issue after issue, on subjects such as mindful exercising, the importance of spending time in nature, or learning how to care for ourselves.

Alison is also the organiser behind the highly successful Full 360 health and wellbeing shows that take place on a regular basis around the country. Alison says: “People are more stressed and busier than ever and we all put enormous pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone, often treating ourselves quite harshly and negatively. It’s time to practice self-care to cope with the demands of our busy world.”

Alison believes in living life according to five basic principles, which she calls the 5 A’s:

AWARENESS: Being aware and present for yourself and keeping an open and curious mind of the world around you.

ACCEPTANCE: Accepting with grace where you are in this moment which is the only place you can truly start from.

ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible practises that you can use every day like gratitude, mindfulness, movement and good food to help you on your personal journey towards freedom and joy.

ATTITUDE: Your attitude to life is everything and having a good one makes all the difference.

ALIGNMENT: Aligning with yourself, others and the world around you is important. It starts with your daily practise of going within.

During our time with Alison, she will tell us more about how we can learn to care for ourselves, every day, in this hectic world.

Cost- €15-20

Time- 19.30-21.00


Children’s Event– Teddy Bear Picnic

Location- Huntstown Community Centre, Huntstown

Description- Annual Teddy Bear Picnic Tickets on sale 13th August from Huntstown Community Centre.

Cost- Free

Time- 11.00-13.00


EventDalkey Lobster Festival (more dates)

Location- Castle Street, Dalkey

Description- The Dalkey Lobster Festival takes place in the chilled out village of Dalkey. The festival presents a fusion of local seafood with the best of current global jazz musicians and lots of fun events for all the family to enjoy.

Cost- Free to attend

Time- Starts at 12.00

Event– The Midnight Disco : Summer Shaw Session

Location- The Bernard Shaw, Portobello

Description- The Summer Finale You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Hello friends, we’re here once again for a drink and a dance, bringing summer to end. So come celebrate and bring all your mates cause the party starts early and goes pretty late…🎶

We had so much fun in The Bernard Shaw in June, they have very kindly invited us back for another party to round off a beautiful summer. No guests this time, just your favourite residents bringing you everything from delectable disco, to sensual soul, to heavy hitting house music and everything in between.

The queue got a bit manic last time as it got dark, so we’d encourage those of you who wish to avoid this to join us early x

See you reeeeeeal soon.

Cost- Free to attend

Time- 16.00-01.00


Children’s Event– Irish Mammals and the Ice Age

Location- DLR Lexlcon Venue, Haigh Terrace, Moran Park, Dun Laoghaire

Description- A family-friendly exhibition of Irish mammals taking place on Level 3 of DLR Lexicon. The Ice Age landscape comes back to life with animal models, paintings and 3D maps including the mammoth, brown bear, giant Irish deer and arctic fox.

Presented by Jim Martin of Wildlife Exhibitions.

Cost- Free

Time- Drop by for look any time, or attend one of the talks at 11.00, 13.30 and 15.00


Event– A Message for the Pope: We are going to Separate Church & State

Location- The Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street

Description- Speakers:

Clodagh Malone- Mother and Babies Home Survivor

Jane Donnelly- Human Rights Officer, Atheist Ireland

Carron McKinney- Catholics for Choice

Vincent Brown- Journalist

Eamonn McCann – Journalist & Policial Activist

Cost- Free

Time- 18.00-20.00

Event– Crossing Dublin without passing a pub (aka The Publess Pub Crawl)

Location- The Waterloo Bar, 36 Baggot Street Upper

Description- “Good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub”- Leopold Bloom from James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Joyce’s riddle has been solved and only one route exists crossing Dublin city without passing a pub. Get your walking boots on and join us in exploring parts of the city that you’re unlikely to see on any other tour.

Along the way we will talk about Dublin’s pubs of the past, the city during Joyce’s era, and the old city walls, all while following a unique route that shows another side of Dublin, the city synonymous with pubs and alcohol.

Be one of the first people to ever cross Dublin without passing a pub (intentionally at least).

The walk will take approximately 2 hours with several stops along the way to go into a bit of detail of how the route was devised by software developer Rory McCann, the pubs that used to exist along the way, and the people who have gone in the other direction in their attempts to visit every pub in Dublin and Ireland.

A decent level of fitness will be needed by anyone joining us. We also recommend having a good lunch before we start so that you’ve got plenty of fuel in the tank. The Waterloo Bar on Baggot Street will be our meeting point and they have kindly offered 10% off all lunches for those participating on the tour who want to get some food in advance. We’ll make a stop half way through to allow people to grab a coffee and to use the bathroom.

We’ll be finishing up on the north side of the city, and we may very well head to a pub after our publess tour is complete.

All of our pub crawls are hosted by John Geraghty and Luigsech Bennett. John has run for the last 6 years and is one of Dublin’s leading authorities on pubs. Luigsech has over 7 years experience as a tour guide on the Dublin pub scene. They have been friends since their teenage years and want to expose others to their love of Dublin pubs.

Cost- €12

Time- 14.00-16.00


Children’s Event– smArty Crafty Summer Workshop

Location- Bloomfield Shopping Centre, 111 George’s Street Lower, Dún Laoghaire

Description- Childrens Art and Craft workshop for The Museum of Childhood Project Ireland, heritage day 2018, with thanks to Bloomfield Shopping Centre, Dún Laoghaire.

Painting, decorating and having creative fun with elephant piggybanks! Facilitator Sharon asks that you bring an old t-shirt / apron for your child to wear as they will be using acrylic paint in this workshop.

Children to be accompanied by parents / guardians.

Cost- Free

Time- 13.00-14.00


Event– Anime Night

Location- Sin E, 15 Ormond Quay

Description- Bi-Monthly Anime viewing. *All are welcome* (must be over 18), friendly group. No worries if you are late, just turn up whenever and grab a seat if the anime has started already.

Cost- Free to attend, just purchase a drink/food at the bar

Time- 15.30

Event– Big jungle Jam at the ukulele Hooley

Location- Ukulele Hooley, Dun Laoghaire

Description- A band with a 1000 ukulele players I hear you say? Impossible! Well, this year the ukulele Hooley wants to celebrate its 9th year by having a massive public Jungle Jam!

On August 26th we hope to gather a massive crowd of ukers to play with us at the main stage in the peoples park Dún Laoghaire. What better way to amplify the fun of the ukulele by having a massive crowd play some of the best known Jungle Jam tunes! (Songs to be posted soon)

So get your ukues tuned, and be sure to be there as one of the main acts!

Cost- Free

Time- 15.00-16.00


Children’s Event– Lego workshop Duplo Structural Engineering 4-6 years

Location-  Castletown House, Celbridge

Description- Learn it Lego workshop, Duplo Structural Engineering suitable for 4-6 year olds

Cost- €10

Time- 10.30-11.30



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