What to Wear with Dungarees

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What to Wear with Dungarees

Nothing beats sticking to black and white when you’re unsure of the dress code which is why I kept to that palette when I was heading to a post-wedding BBQ.

Keeping a balance between dressy & casual alleviates potential concerns that you’ll be inappropriately dressed no matter what the actual dress code ends up being.

I’m delighted to be getting more wear out of these dungarees that I picked up in the UO sale… I’m a self-confessed repeat offender when it comes to buying complete crap in sales so, with my history it would have been far more likely that they’d end up sitting unworn in the back of my wardrobe or, flogged on Depop for a fraction of the price they were purchased for.

A fedora & comfortable heeled boot are always a good finishing touch to a look that you want to balance between formal & casual as they can polish the outfit but in an undone kind of way; Boots are less obviously dressy than heels (and a lot more comfortable usually!) and a hat can bring a little edge without being too ‘out there’.

Hope you guys like it xx

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