8 Mini Hacks To Look Expensive On A Budget

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This whole ‘stylish’ buzz can be a bit of a pain in the ass as it seems as though the choice is to A) Spend hours shopping & putting outfits together or B) Look like a hot bloody mess. Thankfully that’s not the case and in reality, it is possible to look put together every day by incorporating the below mini hacks into your day-to-day life. xx


Keep Those Whites White. 

I understand the temptation to be lazy about this, especially when its the only clean shirt in your wardrobe but, polished whites can really bring an outfit to chic in the same way that dull whites can instantly drag an outfit down.

I soak any dull whites in clothes whitener & bleach before washing them (adding a little bleach to the wash if they’re extra grubby) and use white shoe polish to keep those essential white runners looking sparkly. Spot stains on white runners can also be treated by mixing clothes whitener with warm water to make a paste & rubbing it in. Don’t forget to wash those laces!

Get The Iron & Lint Roller Out.

In the same way that gleaming white clothes make a outfit look polished, ironing and using a lint roller can really bring a look together. A simple outfit that’s crisp and clean will look better than any getup that’s grubby and covered in cat hair!


Avoid Hardwear.

Now, before we launch into the why/hows/wheres of this tip let me just say that rules are obviously meant be be broken! What this tip really means is that generally, unless you’re willing to invest in high end pieces hardwear can cheapen the look of an item of clothing & also tarnishes quite easily which is cheap looking in itself.

Offfff course there are exceptions to this but the easiest way to look clean & put together when it comes to zips & busy buttons is to simply avoid them altogether… trust me.

Get Clothes Altered.

No matter how good those trousers look on the hanger they will instantly pull your look apart if they’re trailing on the ground or bunching at the bum. Same goes for a dress gaping at the neckline.

I know its a pain in the ass (& expensive!) to get clothes altered but just look at it as a good investment; an old dress tailored perfectly to your figure will look better than any new off the hanger one could.


Wear The Right Underwear.

I’ve touched on the importance of this in my body confidence post but aside from a double boob being the ultimate confidence killer, it can also ruin the silhouette of your look meaning that the eye is drawn to your underwear induced lumps & bumps instead of how bloody fab-u-lous you look that day. Kill the VPL if you want to look bangin’.

Focus On Beauty Details.

A nod to your beauty regime is nothing short of essential when it comes to looking pulled together. As in, your chipped nail polish is gonna let you down no matter how white & ironed that shirt is.

I absolutely get that sometimes simply dragging yourself out of bed & getting dressed is enough effort for one day so, if you’re not willing to go the whole hog in terms of hair & make up (I hear ya sister!) then keep it very simple; go for a nude lip & polish & pull that mane into a chignon. Freak to chic in 10 minutes flat!


Mix Textures.

Like many people these days I find myself largely avoiding bold colors when it comes to replenishing my wardrobe… while the minimalist look is timeless and a great way of maximizing your combination possibilities, it does get a tad boring if you essentially end up looking the same every day.

The best way to avoid looking bland without reaching for neons is to focus on adding textures to your wardrobe rather than colour.

Monochrome & earthy tones are without doubt chic colours to opt for but, consider different fabrics and textures to mix the finished look up. Go for bold ribbing, leather or sporty fabrics to really pull that minimalist look together.

Go For The Unexpected.

If the seasons come around faster than your paychecks then staying on top of looking stylish can feel like a loosing battle. One way of mixing up your wardrobe without putting your hand in your pocket is to considering the variety of different ways you can wear the items you already own.

Styling 2 of the same racer back tops, one back-to-front on top of the other is a favorite of mine but, there are ENDLESS possibilities & it can be an incredible way to bring an interesting & stylish element to an otherwise tired piece.


(Image: Geneva Vanderzeil)

There you have it guys, 8 small ways you can pull your looks together to make sure you’re killing it every.dam.day.

Hope you enjoyed reading xx

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