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Layering Clothes for Any Weather

I am all about layering at the moment, its suits Irish weather perfectly; when you don’t know what to wear, wear it all! … then inevitably peel bits off & put them back on gain throughout the day.

It is the easiest way to dress appropriately for any weather & considering that Irish autumn is notorious for getting through a variety of seasons in one day, it’s exactly how I want to be dressing at this time of year. I can see myself bringing it into the colder months just adding more pieces on top again… 2 dresses over jeans under a jacket over a shirt? Why not? Ok, maybe don’t answer that.

Loving the boho street style too.

Knitted cardigan; Thrifted. Topshops jeans & leather satchel; Dublin flea market. Stone necklace: DIY. Asymmetrical dress; H&M A/W collection. Sunglasses; Parfois.

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  • Hollie Garner says:

    Really well styled Sarah,dress looks great with the jeans and the Irish weather summed up perfectly! x

  • Nicole says:

    Wow what a perfectly styled outfit!! I love the dress and how you wore it with jeans and mandals 😉 you look great! <3

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