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 My Top Beauty Faves

Not in keeping with my usual style-based posts buuuut, beauty and fashion usually go hand in hand so I thought I would share with you guys some of my top all time beauty faves products that keep my hair and face (somewhat!) in order.

I’m far from a beauty expert, in fact; I’m not a huge lover of make up & find applying it to be a chore sometimes, shock! What may be even more shocking is how infrequently I wash my hair… I was a backpacker for over a year & found that the easiest way to manage my hair was to do as little as possible with it.  Ever since I’v returned to a more permanent place of resident and cast the backpack off (insert sad face) I’v still maintained that minimal approach to hair styling. I wash it once a week then brush with a boar bristle brush & wrap into a bun nightly. C’est ca.

Nevertheless, I do have some products that I have re-purchased time and time again, those that I feel actually make a difference to a wearisome face or lackluster mane… Here they are:


I love the Bumble and bumble brilliantine and have purchased this product time after time. As I don’t straighten my hair & just leave it to fall, sometimes it just doesn’t ‘fall’ the way I want it. A pea sized amount of this into the palm of your hand & tousled through the hair will give amazing texture with absolutely no weight or crispy residue. Result.

What is there to say about Elnett satin? It’s a cult favourite for a good reason. I like to carry the handbag sized one & spray into my hands to run through my hair when it needs some on-the-go texture.

The OGX nourishing coconut milk is a more recent addition to my beauty faves but no less worthy of a place on the list. It’s a fab product to spray on damp hair before drying or, if my hair becomes dried out in between washes, lightly misting this oil over it brings the softness back. It also smells diiiiiiiiivine.

Batiste dry shampoo is my ultimate hair product, I have wavered towards other dry shampoos but always return to this. Having been blonde for over a decade, I was really reluctant to go brunette and have to give up my long standing love affair with dry shampoo so I was delighted when they expanded their range to include tinted sprays. I was sceptical as to weather they would be as good as the originals but I am really happy with the product and it is something to I repurchase time & time again.


CK 1 was one of the first scents I ever owned & still a classic favorite today. This and the CK be are the perfect clean crisp day time scents. I hadent re-purchased it in a while until it was on sale last week in boots… I caved & returned to it yet again.

I’m a huge lover of beautifully scented body washes & have a slight weakness for season-approprite tones. The Baylis & Harding spiced orange body wash is my idea of festive season shower heaven. During the summer I usually go for more coconut based shower products but I just can’t resist the lingering aroma of a spiced body wash at this time of year.

In contrast to the spiced orange scent but too enticing not to be worn all year round is the Laura Mercier
Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème
. I absolutely adore this scent. I usually buy the perfume but decided on the body souffle this time around. It definitely heeds to the ‘less is more’ suggestion, I wouldn’t be dousing myself too heavily in it post-shower but it is a beautifully rich cream to use for a clean organic scent.

Make up

Well, being hugely into reading blogs or various descriptions myself, I find equal enjoyment from reading about a coveted beauty products as much as a gorgeous fashion find. From delving into the beauty blogger worlds I have discovered some amazing new products as well as advice on the various ways to quoif my hair & apply my blush. The product that I have purchased from hype which has been well deserving of the hysteria is the Anastasia brow wiz. This is an ahhhhhmazing eyebrow pencil. What makes it so great in my humble opinion is that is drier & thinner than other eyebrow pencils allowing a more precise & long-lasting application. This is one of those products that, once used, you will never see yourself returning to whatever it was that you were using prior.

The Real techniques brushes are, of course, worth of a mention. I have bought all new brushes from this brand of late; they do fantastic discounts on sets & their quality is on par with brands that are twice the price.

I have to say that I have a very non-committal with foundations, Iv simply never loved one enough to give my heart away… I had been recommended the Estee Lauder double wear light several times & decided to give it a try a few months ago. While I don’t think the coverage is anything spectacular, I do notice the lasting power to be much better than pharmacy brand foundation and, for that reason, I will be repurchasing.

I own a small collection of lipsticks; one wine, one purple, one pink, a red and… this; theMac viva glam V. This is a beautiful nude tone, very wearable, stong pigment and neither too dry or sticky. It has that ‘your lips but better’ look to it, it’s a great everyday colour.

My first ever red lipstick was the Mac Ruby woo and I have never wandered… that’s saying something! I know some people rate the Nars or other Mac pigments very highly but I love the chalky finish on the Ruby woo for it’s staying power. It’s the ultimate red in my eyes.

Skin care

I really dislike the cakey finish of a full faced make up look. Sometimes, especially during the winter or on a night out, this can easily happen so, to avoid foundations & powders sitting lifeless on my skin I spritz my face with Le Roche Posay thermal spring water before I apply my eye make up. This delightfully fine mist leaves a dewy finish on top of your make up bringing the whole look back to life.

Last but not least is the La Roche Posay effeclar duo. This product is another from the list that could be described as a ‘cult product’ and, another that is worth the hype in my humble opinion. I apply this as a moisturizer the night before & morning of a big event, it noticeably minimizes pore visibility once the foundation is applied & leaves a lovely soft finish to the skin. Win win.

Well, that’s it for my beauty faves edition, I wouldn’t have enough new products worthy of creating a list like this on a regular basis but thought it would be an interesting insight none the less. I love a good nosy into a friends make up bag or bathroom cabinet so thought I would give you guys a virtual look into mine.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any suggestions on products I simply haaaave to try, please make sure to fill me in!

If you like this post please consider sharing it; all us gals benefit from knowing what products work for others ♥️

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  • sydul says:

    All that beauty products are natural?

  • Frankie says:

    I’ve been using Estée Lauder Double Wear for years (the full on amazeballs one, not the light one) and now I wouldn’t be without it. I even use the Double Wear Concealer and Powder when necessary. I stays on my face when everything else seems to fly off in the breeze x

    • Sarah says:

      Thats great to know, I think I assumed that the regular one would be really heavy but from what other girls are saying (and pics I’ve seen) it seems to give a really beautiful coverage <3

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