DoppelU App - Style Sharing & Inspiration

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DoppelU App – Style Sharing & Inspiration

If you guys follow me on Instagram you’ll already know that I am a huge fan of the app & its style sharing abilities. Sooooo, when Doppelu approached me about trying out their new style sharing app I was more than happy to give it a go.

The concept of the app is really similar to instagram so, if you’re down with the insta ways of working, you will fly with the workings of this app.

I’ve spent the last few days toying around with the DoppelU app & seeing what it’s all about. You can upload individual looks to be rated by the community and your followers (similar to sharing & liking on instagram) or, something I particularly like; you can upload a collage of photos together which allows the community to vote for their favourite specifically.

This is brilliant from a blogging perspective as it really allows me to successfully gauge which type of photos are more appealing to others and, over time it will become apparent that certain poses or angles are more popular than others with my followers. After all, it s vital that the photos and they way they are composed are appealing to my readers.

While the app is certainly in the early stages & in need of some polishing touches, I can definitely see it taking off as a way for individuals to share their fashion photos with people interested in sharing the same and getting inspiration. I can certainly see myself using it to sharing style pics, get inspired and gain insightful knowledge into what style and photos work for viewers and which don’t.

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