Jumpsuit and Sleeveless Jacket

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Jumpsuit and Sleeveless Jacket

I’ve only ever owned 2 jumpsuits in my life; both black. They’re an item that I’m continuously told would suit me due to being tall (5 9′ to be exact) but always felt so cumbersome when I took the leap & try them on.I spotted this one in the UO sale, the reduced price being what initially attracted me TBH (who doesn’t Love e a bargain, eh?) & was pleasantly surprised when I clambered into it behind the changing room door.

The slouchyness and more open front stops it from feeling too frumpy while the loose legs allow me to wear it in a more casual way than your standard jumpsuit… and we all know I’m allllll about the casual these days.

I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion (see what I did there?) that I’ll be a fully converted wearer of this convoluted item just yet though; I purchased said item 6 months ago and this is the first time its been out of my wardrobe!

Well better late than never as they say xx

Photography by Leanne Woodfull

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