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Following on from my previous charity shopping post I wanted to share with you guys another of my alternatives to high street shopping: online vintage.

As you guys know, I’m a massive lover of second hand clothes; I love the look, the story, the variety. What you guys may not know though is that, to keep the best variety I often venture online for my second hand finds which is why I was SO excited when Etsy approached me about collaborating… I’ve used their site to source great vintage pieces & one-off gifts before & I’ve never been disappointed


On any given day, when I look down at the outfit that I’ve chosen there will undoubtedly be 1 piece sourced from each of the following:

Second hand

Relying heavily on these sources means I can put together exactly the looks I want without being solely restricted to the high street… Which I enjoy but feel can be a little mundane.

Etsy is a brilliant go-to for quirky vintage finds & beautiful handmade pieces; they have endless stock without all the rubbish you often find on other second hand sites & the sellers are friendly & honest.

icomeundone etsy

On my list of items I wanted to buy in 2016 (including new gym gear & make up brushes!) was some great vintage tees. I left most of mine behind in Australia when I went off backpacking again & just hadn’t gotten around to investing in new ones… I’d hoped to stumble upon some in Dublin’s charity shops but my luck has been down in that area. For this reason they were the first thing I searched for when putting this post together, next on the agenda was silver rings & a good vintage gym bag as they can be so hard to find & with that, my perfect online splurge was accomplished.

Hope you guys like my choices xx

Blue beach stone ring: StYingStudio

Midi rings: CallieJewelry

Bohemian arm cuf: OmbreRene

Vintage Nike duffle bag: ElkHugsVintage

Vintage golf tee: ImTryingToFocus

Vintage Harley tee: CatApolinarVintage

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  • Cara says:

    Oh you got so many great things, I lovelove that Nike bag! Etsy really are great for vintage finds x

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