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This week was the only week this month were I didn’t pay rent, big bills or garage payments so it was thankfully a cheaper week to balance things out. My total spend for the month was €2081.80 which was €60 more than my budget of €1650 for the month with the extra €371.17 I made from Depop.

Have you enjoyed the spending diaries? Are there any ways in which I spend/don’t spend that surprised you? I’d love to hear your thoughts x


8am Up, coffee, admin

10am Go to spinning then post two gifts to followers (€14.30) my Flyefit payment comes out of my account (€29)

11.30am Late breakfast of two boiled eggs and brown bread

12.30am My mom calls over for tea then I bring Stanley for a walk, start editing yesterday’s video on the walk

2.30pm Get ready for the day and film an agony aunt slot for tomorrow’s chatty Tuesdays. Have some homemade soup, a Dutch bread and a chocolate

4.30pm Run out to door to grab my bus, my Leap hasn’t enough money on it (woops!) but the driver kindly waves me on. Finish editing yesterday’s video on the bus

5.15pm Meet my mom in The Merrion for to have dinner from Holly White’s vegan menu, I enjoy. 3-course vegan diner and we split a bottle of white wine. My mom insists on paying so I leave the top (€14)

9pm My dad picks us up, I go home and spend time editing before bed

12am Bed time

Total: €57.30


8am Up, coffee, answer DMs on insta

9.15am Yoga

10.30am Breakfast of two boiled eggs, brown bread and avocado, eat that while writing proposals for potential clients

11.30am Cycle to Bryans Master Cobblers to drop in a bag and shoes to be repaired then cycle to Eavanna Breen for a facial which she kindly does complimentary

1.30pm Leave Eavanna’s to see it’s raining so pop in to Starbucks next door to get a coffee (€4.50) and get back to people on Instagram

3pm Finish responding to comments and DMs, cycle home

4pm Have some homemade soup and a brown bread sandwich with vegan cheese and cucumber, have a chocolate

4.30pm Start working on next week’s events post. Stop to have left over tofu satay with brown rice for dinner

11.30pm Stop working and go to bed

Total: €4.50


6.50am Up

7.20am Bootcamp class

8am Home, shower coffee, promote this week’s posts.

9.15am Bring Stanley for his walk, top up my phone by €20

10.15am Have breakfast of porridge, soy milk, nuts, honey and banana. The internet payment bill comes out of my account (split between three of us, my payment is €22)

10.45am Start working on this month’s food post, have crackers with vegan cheese, pickled cauliflower and walnut pâté for lunch

2.30pm Get ready for the day, play with Stanley for a bit while I wait for Sean

5pm Get the bus into town (€3) to go to the Royal Hibernian gallery with Sean, we go for a drink in O’Donoghues (he pays) then head to the opening of the Dublin Liberties Distillery. Have a few canapés and cocktails there

9pm Leave to grab dinner (share a pizza) and a glass of red in Pi (€15) top up my Leap card by €10 then get the last bus home

1am Bed

Total: €80


8.30am Up, coffee, admin. Have an apple and two glasses of orange juice (feel a bit sluggish after last night’s drinks)

10am Walk Stanley, we drive to a bigger park as it’s such a nice day, stopping for an almond cappuccino on the way (Sean pays)

11am Home, spend time getting back to people on Insta. Have lunch of two boiled eggs, brown bread and avocado

1am It’s so sunny that I decide to take my book out to the back garden with Stanley and a cup of mint tea, read for an hour

2pm Wash my make up brushes, put tan on and get stuck in to doing this month’s food post. Have lunch of mixed beans, cubed cucumber and pickled courgette, still feel hungry after so have two cream crackers with walnut pâté

5pm Finish the food post and start on doing my Five For Friday.

7pm Sean makes crusted salmon with boiled potatoes, veg and a lemon butter gravy for dinner.

8pm Finish my book, eat a packet of cheese and onion Tayto

12am Bed

Total: €0


8am Up, coffee, admin, do some laundry

10am Spinning class

11am Shower, make breakfast of a vegi sausage wrap with spring onion, my mom’s beetroot relish, cheese and egg

11.30am Sit down to promote this week’s posts on my social channels and upload stock to my Depop (I make €119.80)

2pm Bring Stanley for a walk

3pm Start working on updating my RewardStyle links, have a light lunch of mixed beans with cubed cucumber, half a salmon filet and some crispy chilli. Also have a banana and some peanut butter as a snack

5pm Spend some time finalising plans for two upcoming jobs. Buy a ticket to a ‘in our shoes’ walking tour for tomorrow (€12)

6.30pm Do more laundry, have dinner of a quorn chicken chilli with baked potatoes (I’m pretty indifferent to meat substitutes but, as Sean makes all the dinners he likes to mix it up and use them… I’m just grateful to be fed!)

7.45pm Sit down to relax with Stanley watching random shite on YouTube for the evening, eat some olives

12pm Snack on some noodles then go to bed

Total: €12


8.45am Up, snuggle with Stanley for a while, clean the kitchen, make coffee, shower

11am Get ready for the day

1am Film for one of my A Day In Dublin vlogs, get coffees in Container Coffee with a cake for Sean (€8.45), go for a walking tour of Dublin, pop in to Lucky’s for a market and then head to The Big Romance for a delicious kimchi cheese toasty and shared fries (€17)

6pm Drive home and start editing today’s vlog, have a bowl of leftover chilli from last night

12.30am Bed

Total: €25.45


9am Up, coffee, clean the kitchen

11am Breakfast of porridge, almond milk, honey, peanut butter and chia seeds

12.30pm Bring Stanley for a walk stopping in Restaurant 104 for a coffee (Sean pays)

2pm have lunch of pickled cauliflower, tomatoes, crackers and homemade (by my mom) spinach soup

3pm Start outfit planning

5pm Start watching Dirty John on Netflix and surprise myself with how in to it I get (I’ve only ever watched one series alone before, I’m too easily distracted!)

7pm Cathal comes home and we hang out, drink some red wine and order a takeaway (€14) I get paneer korma with rice and popadoms with mango chutney

Total: €14

Week total: 192.95

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  • Cat says:

    Loved this series! Was amazing to see how you can have such a great social life without spending an absolute fortune!! X

    • Sarah says:

      Aw so glad to hear it Cat…. I do like to be out and about a lot so I just try and keep to inexpensive restaurants and free/modestly priced experiences and then it definitely can be done x

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