T Shirt Dress Inspiration

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T Shirt Dress Inspiration

I’m not usually one to follow trends… Mostly because I feel that it’s a waste of money and, it’s counterproductive to developing your own personal style.

Having said that, sometimes I can’t help being drawn towards trendy pieces and, the sleeveless jacket has been that item for me. I think it’s my reluctance to give up layering in the warmer months that has me loving them so much; they’re the perfect piece to pull a look together without adding too much warmth.

I was fortunate enough to get a camel tone & white one gifted from brands but really wanted to get my hands one black one… The one in this look came about in the form of a Cos wrap dress that I simply cut the ties off.

A basic home-alteration to an item can give it a whole new lease of life so I was delighted to turn that unworn wrap dress into an item I could style in a new way…. Consider what old items you can make new again by looking at it from a new perspective and you’ll be surprised what you can create.

That’s my random lesson for the day now! Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend xx

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  • Amanda says:

    Looking gorgeous! I am so inspired and I will definitely try this dress. Thanks a lot for the great article.

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