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It’s that time of year where some people are trying to be healthier and many are taking part in Veganuary which makes me so happy as someone who chose to stop eating meat 2 years ago (I still eat fish).

It is important to me to live in alignment with my compassion which is easy to do in a country where we have an abundance of foods available to us; I have a long way to go before my life choices are cruelty-free but, I’m happy I’ve made the first step.

I hope you enjoy this list of great Dublin restaurants whether you’re a fully fledged vegan or, just toying with the idea of enjoying more meat-free meals.

(Click on the restaurant names to read my full review of each)

Laine MyLove, Talbot Street

Laine My love is a small but perfectly formed Talbot street eatery, they serve lots of great vegi options. Their salad plate is my fave, it offers a variety of three salads with a side of Le Levain bread at a portion size big enough to satisfy any appetite. The staff are super-friendly and they’re dog-friendly, whats not to love!?

Veginity, Dorset Street

This vegan restaurant offers a great brunch and dinner menu full of exciting flavorful dishes, a must-try for any vegan food lovers.

Garden Of Vegan, Ranelagh

Another great Dublin vegan restaurant offering some of the best vegi burgers and vegan mayo you could ever hope for.

Brother Hubbard, Capel Street

This hearty city centre eatery offers a wide selection of delicious food suitable for vegis and vegans alike, great coffees too.

Vish Shop, Eatyard and Dorset Street

This vegan eatery offers lots of exciting meat substitute dishes (vish and chips anyone?) and the most epic cauliflower wings you could ever imagine… I mean, I have travelled across the city to access them, they’re divine.

Nutbutter, Grand Canal Dock

Another great Dublin restaurant that falls under the ‘not meat-free but not meat-focused category; you can choose how your dish is created so it’s the perfect spot for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Saigon Street Food truck Stoneybatter

This vegetarian street food truck is tucked away in the back of Stoneyabatter’s iconic Glimmerman pub offering delicious eats in a casual setting (you can bring your dog too!)

Umi Falafel, Dame Street

This spot is located smack bang in the city with delicious cheap eats on offer and a huge amount of delicious meat-free options to choose from.

Network Cafe, Aungier Street

This fab little cafe gets my vote on epic eats, friendly staff, delicious coffee and dog-friendliness, a great addition to the Dublin food scene.

Pog, Bachelor’s Walk

Another city centre spot offering great vegi and vegan options, you won’t be disappointed!

Urbanity, Smithfield

One of my fave spots for great vegetarian options. There’s a really nice vibe to this spot, great coffee and they’re dog-friendly (which you know is gonna get my vote!)

Token, Smithfield

This Smithfield spot offers a huge array of arcade games alongside an impressive menu which offers vegi variations of every meat dish, The perfect place for an indulgent meat-free meal.

Storyboard, Dublin 8

Storyboard was one of Dublin most exciting launches of 2018 and for good reason, the food is bloody delicious! Their menu isn’t meat-focused at all so plenty for egalitarians and vegans to enjoy. Your dog is welcome too, they’re sound like that!

Moodly Manor Food Truck

This vegan food truck moves around the city but least time I checked they had a regular slot in St Anne’s park market which is worth a visit for all the amazing food on offer there each weekend.

Five Points, Harrolds Cross

Another not meet-free but not meat-focused spot, lots of delicious food and dog-friendly too.

On The Pig’s Back, Capel Street

This epic little burger joint offers delicious vegi burgers and vegan burger. It’s a casual little inexpensive spot with epic garlic mayo worth visiting for.

Wagamama, South King Street

Wagamama have a huge menu which caters for a wide variety of diets including vegetarian and vegan, definitely a spot worth considering for your next meat-free meal.

Two Pups, Francis Street

This Dublin 8 eatery offers tasty coffee, a great menu for plant-based/meat free meals and a space upstarts for yoga and events. Also another spot who kindly let your furry friend inside with you.

Moreish Superfoods, Moore Street Mall

This vegan food stall is tucked away in the Moore Street mall labyrinth. The menu is small but the food is delicious.

Shouk, Drumcondra

Yet another dog-friendly eatery which offers epic meat-free dishes, one of my favourite places in Dublin.

The Fumbally, Fumbally Lane

This well established Dublin eatery offers a beautiful selection of food in a bright, spacious setting. Their menu has lots to suit a meat-free/plant-based diet plus they’re another spot which kindly welcomes your dog to come along with you.

Sova Vegan Butchers, Pleasant’s Place

This was the first fully vegan restaurant in Dublin which started in a spot in Rathmines offering tasty food on edible plates! They’ve since moved to a location just off Camden Street and continue to offer tasty food (without the hemp plates). They’re BYO and dog-friendly so quite the epic little place if you ask me.

Industry, Drury Street

This store-come-cafe offers great meat-free lunch options on one of Dublin’s busiest streets.

Sprout, Camden Street

Sprout offers ginormous salads and wraps which are both super-tasty and filling.

McGuinness Take-away, Camden Street

One thing I will say about turning vegi is that the ‘drunk food’ offers in Dublin are crap. It’s all meat kebabs and meat burgers save for the odd slap dash attempt at a vegi burger which leaves the taste buds longing… which is why McGuinness take-away is a saviour for those of us trying to live our best meat-free lives.

They have a huge vegan menu with lots of meat substitutes and delicious, filling options. They ensure that the vegan food is cooked in separate pans and offer epic vegan dips to accompany their epic vegan food. I’ve had many a late night nibble from this spot and I am yet to be disappointed (if you’re lucky enough to live nearby they’re on Just Eat too)

Two Boys Brew, Phibsborough

This tasty spot has somewhat become a victim of it’s own success as, they don’t take booking meaning you’ll more often than not be left waiting outside but, if you’re willing to wait you won’t be disappointed. (oh and, they’re dog friendly too which is brilliant)

Two Fifty Squared, Rathmines

This Dublin 6 eatery offers lots of fab meat-free dishes in a bright spacious setting.


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