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So, I’ve been kindly nominated for the Liebster award by Rosemary of rosemary of elephants
The premise of the Liebster award is to introduce bloggers to other bloggers so, once I am done answering Rosemary’s questions I will nominate 11 of my favourite bloggers to continue the chain of goodness.
1. Link back to the person who nominated you – thanks Rosemary
2. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
3. Post 11 random facts about yourself
4. Pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your 11 questions
5. Can’t nominate the person who nominated you!
6. Tell your 11 nominees you have nominated them
Eleven questions from Rosemary:
1. I say elephants. First thought?
I think of all the beautiful times I have been lucky enough to meet them… which makes me think of travelling… which makes me get itchy feet… thanks Rosemary!
2. Favourite animal?
I am a HUGE animal lover, I find the company of an animal to be so calming. I am fascinated by Monkeys but for the amount of effect a certain species has had on my life I would have to say dogs.
3. What made you start your blog?
My boyfriend tried to convince me for ages based on my love for fashion & the fact that I followed (and drooled over) other bloggers for a long time. I didn’t feel up to it but he caught me at an impressionable (read: drunk) moment in Thailand & made me pinkie promise I would start one… considering I take pinkie promises very seriously, I got going on it pretty soon after that.
4. You can only have one: bikini or jeans?
Well, I live in Ireland so, for practicality it would have to be jeans but I do have an impressive bikini collection for someone who lives in a country where the weather is arguably never suitable for them.
5. Would you rather: no make up (ever) or no cake?
I am instantly more horrified by the though of no cake as I have a massive sweet tooth but I do like to polish a look with make-up… Il go with no cake so I can have the make up & just eat crisps as my guilty pleasure instead.
6. Celebrity crush?
I have very little interest in the celebrity world but any tall skinny tattooed celeb is bound to grab my attention 😉
7. If someone dropped a gift of £1000 down from the sky, what would be your first move?
Bring my friends out for dinner & drinks then spend the remainder on clothes (obv).
8. Role model of all time?
My parents; they were very ambitious from a young age & gained success through their own hard work… they have shown me the importance of a good work ethic. Also, I aspire to how they have dealt with what life has thrown at them.
9. Where do you see your blog in 5 years’ time?
Well, I had no idea what I really wanted from blogging in general & have been surprised by how quickly I gained followers and friends in the ‘blogsphere’ so its hard to answer that. Ideally, I guess I would like if blogging had allowed me more access into the fashion world in a more personal/professional sense such as attending events or doing collaborations.
10. Three words to describe yourself?
Passionate, organised, happy.
11. What is your favourite language, and if you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?
I love listening to people speaking English with an Indian accent, I could listen to that all day.. I know thats not a language but its the first thing I thought of when I read the question! If I could go anywhere right now it would be Japan, its next on my long list of countries to travel, I imagine it to be an place country to visit.
The eleven bloggers I nominate:


My eleven questions:

1. What made you start your blog?

2. What are your top three beauty products?

3. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

4. What is your favourite place you have ever visited?

5. What are the most worn items in your wardrobe?

6. Any fashion disasters you want to share with us?

7. Any items in your wardrobe that you love but nobody else understands?

8. What item are you currently lusting after? Link a photo.

9. What is your favourite book ?

10. Something you have learnt recently?

11. A pet peeve?

Eleven random facts about me:
1. I have a degree in psychiatric nursing & have worked in that area for 4 years… far from the glamorous world of a fashion blogger but I love it.
2. I am very passionate about travelling, I travelled each summer that I was in college and, after I qualified, I saved for a year then spent 2 years travelling 14 countries.
3. I love to attend random events & can be found at any sort of opening/exhibition around Dublin on any given night. I think this stems from continuously striving to broaden my mind, you never know what you will like until you try it. Based on that, my favourite saying is ‘happiness is where you find it but rarely where you seek it’.
4. I have never voted, despite being eligible to do so for nearly 10 years.
5. I always pick up pennies if I see them. I am a very strong believer in ‘lucky pennies’ & will stop no matter what to get it. If I am with someone I will then give them the penny to pass on the good luck. I am known to be a lucky person amongst my friends & I believe lucky pennies have a huge part to play in that.
6. I spent a semester in a boarding school in France when I was 15.. I didn’t know anybody or how to get around the city, I was so lonely that my dad wrote to me every single day.
7. I am a list freak, I make lists for everything. I have lists on my phone & a paper diary that I use religiously. List writing soothes me.
8. I purposefully set my morning alarm for ‘odd times’ like 7.14 or 8.22. Also, if the first time I see in the morning is 13 minutes past an hour I feel like its going to be a bad day… to counteract this, I will wait until its 14 minutes past the hour before I get out of bed.
9.  I hate wearing shoes, I much prefer to be barefoot on any occasion.
10. I am addicted to lip balm & go absolutely nowhere without it. I keep spares in places I frequent in case I forgot one of my millions from home.
11. I started getting blonde highlights from the age of 14 & have only gone back to my natural colour since around the time I started this blog.
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    Thanks so much 🙂 and I bloomin love those trousers I was well jealous when I saw them.

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