My Take on Florals for Spring

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My Take on Florals for Spring

I never intentionally dress for the seasons, I don’t even really dress for the weather but, on this day, for whatever reason, I was in the mood for a pop of floral print. I am not a ‘girlie’ dresses & usually lean towards fitted pieces with masculine touches but I am a sucker for a dark floral print as well as any variation of statement jacket (as you can see HERE) so, needless to say, this vintage Gerry Weber blazer is heaven to me.

I love putting outfits together then realising that there are pieces from all over the world incorporated into them… I returned from travelling a year ago & while I was away I always made an effort to collect clothes from everywhere I went. I guess I saw them as functional keepsakes and, considering my wardrobe is now a sartorial overview of the countries Iv been to, its safe to say my efforts paid off 🙂

Ringpull necklace, bought on a beach in Cambodia. Vintage wrangler shorts, bought in the Philippines. Dr.Martens & crop top, thrifted in Melbourne. Hamsa hand necklace & knuckle ring, Ebay. Snake ring, bought in Bali. Heart ring, made for me by my lovely friend Jenny. Doctor’s bag, hand-me-down from my mom (it was her favorite handbag as a teenager).

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  • Wow, you have such an individual style! I love the fact that all your pieces are from around the world. I always bring home ‘souvenirs’ or ‘ornaments’ to put up in my room but they aren’t very practical and they’re in the bin after a year or so due to my clumsy, clumsy fingers. Clothing is a much better idea and one I think I may have to steal.

    • Sarah says:

      Haha, thanks so much Rosemary… it made the most sense at the time to buy ’practical’ souvenirs & now I have a wardrobe thats a lot more eclectic & a lovely reminder of some of the places Iv been 🙂 x

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