How to Find your Personal Style

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How to Find your Personal Style

A little piece of advice on how to find your own sense of style:

One thing I’ve realised about my personal style through this whole blogging journey, is that I’m a huge fan of a styling juxtaposition; masculine looks with feminine touches, girly pieces with a grunge finish or, pairing prints that wouldn’t normally be said to ‘go together’.

Well, fu*k things ‘going together’… If you like it, wear it. Simple as.

I had no idea that this was my taste until I started consciously observing the way I dressed & how it reflected on my overall mood day-to-day; the more I observed, the more I came to realise that I felt the most confident on the days that I’d styled myself in that way… so I started dressing like that more often.

The fastest route to establishing your own personal style is to go with exactly what you want instead of following some nonsensical set of rules- Don’t follow trends; they’re not only a huge waste of money but, are counterproductive to establishing your own personal style and, when it comes to getting ready: if you don’t feel amazing, start again.

As soon as you feel the outfit works for you.. that’s when it ‘works’ so stick to your guns & you’ll find yourself feeling a lot more confident in both your everyday decisions and in your sartorial choices.

Some of the pieces I love the most were initially met with bewilderment when I first wore them but, the more I’ve styled them, the more people have become intrigued. Through wearing them in a variety of ways I’ve proven that not only do those pieces have the potential to be amazing, they’re also more versatile than ‘disposable fashion’ pieces because you become bored of them a lot less quickly.

The more you solidify your style identity, the more aware you’ll become of which shapes/patterns make you feel good… and which don’t.

On top of that, you’ll find yourself wasting substantially less on clothes because you won’t feel the need to throw money at trendy pieces that’ll see you through one last-minute night out before they’re thrown into a proverbial garment graveyard at the back of your closet.

Find what works for you & you’ll never invest in fast fashion again… well, almost never!

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  • Wise words, lady! I think my personal style is best defined as: messy.

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you Emma! Well, ‘neat’ in styling is boring so I guess by that definition messy has to be very interesting! Glad you like it xx

  • Rachel Marie says:

    Love this post! Very helpful 🙂 x
    Rachel Coco

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