Grungy Dress Look

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Grungy Dress Look

I’m not a massive fan of wearing dresses…. as you guys know. I don’t enjoy any clothing that’s overtly ‘girlie’ & have become even more masculine in my tailoring & footwear over the last 2 years.

I just generally feel more comfortable in androgynous clothing but, when I do find a dress that’s calling out to me I like to jump at the chance to snap it up and dress it down; exactly what I did when I bought this H&M dress.

It was never my intention to wear it ‘as is’ and instead, bought it as a layering piece; under jumpers/Dress over jeans etc. I loved the idea of wearing it as a cami under a tight skirt with the hem coming out the bottom or, layering it under a jumper with jeans to add another texture to a simple look.

For this look I added a stiff check shirt around the waist to give the dress more shape and finished it off with black leather pieces as a juxtaposition to all that frill & lace-

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a detailed item of clothing; the color and mix of textures can be a great addition to so many outfits. Every item in your wardrobe can be viewed in this light… worn in an unexpected way to bring a new lease of life to a tired skirt or cardigan.

So, instead of going shopping this weekend why not spend time going through your wardrobe layering tops over shirts, jumpers over dresses, dresses over jeans until you come up with some new combinations that work for you?

Not only will you find new ways of wearing old pieces but, you’ll add some perrrrrfect autumn looks to your wardrobe with all those layers!

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