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‘The more things you own the more they own you’

In today’s world we’re bombarded with the idea that we need a constant stream of trendy clothes and expensive make up to be happy but, what happens when our hard-earned cash is spent and that momentary joy passes? We’re left with a wardrobe full of clothes and yet ‘nothing to wear’.

My disillusion with this statement and passion to combine my desire to help people creatively is why the I Come Undone Detox service was created.

A lot of you may know that, while building this platform I was also using my degree in mental health to work as a detox nurse for Dublin’s homeless community. You may also know that I’m an avid supporter of wardrobe clear outs from weekly Depop sales to clothes swaps & occasional flea market purges…

While I adore that I’m now working in a creative industry, I miss the rawness of helping people in a tangible sense so, by assisting people in de-cluttering their wardrobes & planning outfits with the pieces they already own I can combine that creativity with my desire to help those around me.

I absolutely, wholeheartedly believe that a disorganised mind & disorganised living space go hand-in-hand.. peak mental wellness starts with the way we live our lives every day and for that reason decluttering is essential.


I’m offering people the opportunity to gain control over their wardrobe, helping them honestly critique their spending habits and, focusing on styling the pieces they already own rather than ‘panic buying’ more fast fashion they’ll end up wearing only once.

With this detox you will;

-Have more outfit options with less clothes

-Understand how to best dress for your body shape

-Understand exactly why some of (… a lot of?) your items still have tags on them

-Gain understanding over your spending habits

-Create new outfits from items you already have

-Focus on shopping for what your wardrobe needs rather than what your eye momentarily wants.


I believe I have the perfect amount of clothing at 85 items total*, 30 of which are a variety of simple, plain black or white tops… from this amount I can style any number of outfits for any variety of occasion. I operate  a ‘one in one out’ policy with my wardrobe and, while I’m not going to get rid of something I love just to stick to an exact number, I do think this is pretty much the ideal amount of clothing needed in anyone’s life at one time.

Go ahead & count the number of items you have right now. Does it feel too daunting to do that? Then you need my wardrobe detox!

I have less clothes than any girl I know yet can always put outfits together from what I have, I want to help YOU do the same by sharing all of my shopping, styling & decluttering secrets with you so you’ll have a knowledge to build upon, more money AND more time to get out & enjoy your life.

I’ll personally come to your house & do your wardrobe clear out with you. I will guide you through deciding what to get rid of & why. I’ll assist you in reorganize your entire wardrobe, analyse your spending habits with you ahhhhhhhhnd help you plan new looks from the outfits you already own… the ultimate girl’s day in!

New wardrobe, new you. A fresh start.

*Not including gym gear or pajamas


To book a wardrobe detox click here



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