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The last week has been beyond mental for me between moving house, Forbidden fruit festival, work and my birthday… I just haven’t had a minute to blog! As the long weekend draws to a close & Im chilling in my new place hanging out with Sean I can now say its been a great week… although, if you’d asked me that 16 hrs into moving house on Thursday I probably wouldn’t have given you the same answer!

The process of moving allows us to do a massive clear-out which is always a good thing but its a stark reminder of just how many possessions we can accumulate & theres something really disgusting about that to me… I happily survived traveling with just one bag of possessions so why now do I need a car full of stuff? I am so meticulous about getting rid of things yet haven’t been able to avoid that seemingly inevitable build up.

Anyway… perhaps too taxing of a question on the last day of a long weekend!

Hope everyone had a great one xx

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  • I just love this look, Sarah. The sleeveless coat, especially, is gorgeous. And that’s some strong nail game you’ve got there! x

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