Monochrome Layering with Long Kimono

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Monochrome Layering with Long Kimono


I’ve taken to layering legging under my culottes in my reluctance to admit that its not warm enough for bare legs… it makes for an interesting silhouette if you ask me & could even be seen as practical as  a means to approaching our daily wether changes; the more layers you have on, the more equipped you are to deal with 4 seasons in one day!

I was surprised about how long this kimono (/light jacket?) was when it arrived from Pretty little things but once I got used to it I loved how the extra material created a bit of drama as it followed through the windy streets. All fun & games until you walk past wet paint!

Photography by Leanne Woodfull

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  • Really love the kimono you’re styling in this, Sarah. And those boots are just gorgeous x

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