Double Denim Look

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Double Denim Look

Ahhhh, the Texas tuxedo… I go from wearing no colour to wearing it head to toe AND throwing in a bold lip for good measure!

I rarely wear blue jeans and, for some reason when I do I often feel compelled to pair them with another denim piece, take this previous look for example… seems I’m an all or nothing type gal.

I’ve wanted one of these frayed denim tops for a while now but, when I got my hands on one I was stumped as to how to actually style it…. I was trying contrasting looks initially but they felt too far removed from my current sartorial comfort zone so, I paired it back & went for a full matching look instead.

Sean was more than a little unsure about this masterpiece to say the least but, once I pulled the look together with slicked hair & a pop of lip colour I was confident to overlook his usually discerning judgement.

Hope you guys like it xx

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